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Michael's peice of crap journal

Jesus Christ, shut up...

4 February
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Hello Hello,
My name is Michael. I am currently 19 years of age. I am about 6'3'' with blonde curly hair with a length of black at the end, blue/green eyes. I enjoy "hanging out" with my friends,(wow, that sounds gay) few as they are. Um, if you get to know me you may or may not realize this but, I am depressed quite often, not as much anymore, but it comes from time to time though I try not to show it. I have had a rough past and don't like talking about it, so don't ask. I enjoy scary movies, anime, and my most favoritest thing in the world is martial arts, preferably ninjutsu and Shao Lin kung fu. I am training now to become a ninja, when am out of college I plan on living in Japan for a little bit and doing further traveling with whomever. I am extremely spiritual. I am Pagan and proud, more specifically I am Odinistic or Asatru, the religion of the Vikings, so, there. My spiritual side effects just about every other aspect of my life and I am very happy with the progress I've made. With that I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac books, "How is it you're so beautiful, and so fucking ugly inside!? Ya know, it wouldn't take much to make your outside look like your inside!! Heh! I could just chop your brain out! It doesn't deserve such a pretty body!!"